mysterymeat3 Translations

mysterymeat3 Translations

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai (Nagi Ichi)] Itsuka Otokonoko Elf-tachi ga Wagaya ni Kitara [Digital] [English]

Do you guys like hot shota elf harems? You fucking better. Honestly who doesn't?
It's what you'd expect from a Nagi-Ichi release. That is to say, it's fantastic.
For those of you that missed it, I'll now be uploading my translations as I translate individual pages over at 8chan. The full releases will of course be available on Sad Panda and here as usual. Enough of that. Get to fapping!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Nagi-Ichi 4P out, Lala preview page finished, new uploading plan

You've been waiting for it. Here it is. I'm starting the translation process right now. I skipped ahead and did one page as a preview for you guys, which is posted here. There are only like 2 pages so it shouldn't be hard to find. I love the site in general (4chan is kill; go here instead), and that board specifically so I wanted to generate some traffic for them.

I'll also be posting all the images there as I finish them. That way you don't have to wait for me to finish 40 pages in order to fap. I'll still be uploading the completed galleries to multiple file hosts and sad panda as usual, so don't worry about that.

Anyway, get hype and get your preliminary faps in now because The Happening is coming and it's coming soon.

Monday, September 22, 2014

First book after hiatus will be Nagi-Ichi elf 4P!

That's right folks. It'll be on sale Friday, he says. I'll start working on it immediately, of course. I'll also be posting a preview page on Why? Because I feel like it, that's why. And because 1984chan never again.

Get ready for some serious habbenings people. Until then, enjoy the wait. :^).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

[Chinzuriina] Chin☆Dere [English]

Man, this took me longer than I thought. I feel like there's a lot more dialogue in these than most other doujin/h-manga. Oh well. Not a problem.

I don't know when my text TL will be done, but I think I know what it's going to be already, so sit back and enjoy this one. It'll probably be while until  I release something else.

Note: This is quite large. Around 280MB's. I'd recommend downloading it from Mega.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Donation button removed, Chin Dere update, and a small FAQ

Since google has announced they won't be going through with disallowing adult content on blogger, this blog is now safe.

Donations are now closed indefinitely.
I will be opening them back up eventually, but it won't be for a few months at least, due to Paypal issues. I haven't had any problems yet, but I don't want to risk getting my account shut down. You'd think they'd be more lenient on people that do things expressly forbidden in their ToS. Especially people translating porn. Oh well.

Edit: Now using Patreon. Donate if you really want to and you have extra money.

Now for a small FAQ. I noticed that I keep getting asked the same questions over and over again. I'm gonna answer a few of them right now. Refer back to this before asking other questions, or it's likely I'll ignore them.

+Do you translate things other than traps, even for a reward?
No. I'm not interested in any kind of reward or profit. I just translate what I enjoy. It's true that I enjoy more than traps, but I want to focus on one genre for right now. I occasionally may translate a monster girl book I like, but it won't be because someone asked me, that's for sure.

LARGE EDIT: I actually now do commissions. Yay. It's still trap-only though.

+Will you work with x to do ?
No. I don't work well in groups, nor do I enjoy working in groups. I won't do any scripts or anything else and let someone else do the editing. If that makes me a jerk, so be it.

+What's the best way to reach you?
I actually get asked this one a lot.
My email is This is the best way to reach me. Please don't ask me if I'll work with your team, because, as the last answer stated, I won't. Ever.

+Why didn't you respond to my message on E-Hentai? It wasn't anything dumb!
I believe you. The reason I don't respond to messages there is because I never go to the forums. Occasionally I'll check my stats and whatnot on the galleries page, but I rarely go to the forums. I'm talking like once every two or three months kind of rarely. If the messages showed up on the main page, I'd check them more often. Since they only pop up if I go to the forums, I hardly ever see them.

+Will you translate [sub-genre] trap stuff? What will/won't you do?
Well, let's get the stuff I'm never going to do. Group mind break/rape stuff. That's one of the most boring subjects for me. I suspect it has something to do with the lack of emotion. It's not even sadistic. It's just "I/we wanna fuck something. Let's use this kid." Don't mistake this with slutty traps that fuck a lot of people of their own volition. I don't have a problem with this. Still not one of my favorite sub-genre stuff, but it's not bad and I have no objection to doing it. Now, rape where the protag is the rapist OR the protag rescues the trap from being raped is a different story. It has to be done a certain way, but if it is, I'd be happy to do it. Also, I have no aversion to scat or guro. In fact, I actually like them. Especially guro. But there's not much trap stuff with that in it anyway, so it doesn't matter too much. On the "Not a huge fan of it, but if it's good I might do it", we have gender bender. Not really a huge fan of this, especially when it's a popular series. Next is NTR. Actually. I'll make a separate question for this one.

+What about NTR trap stuff?
Now, I'm first going to define this as anything with the protag's significant other being stolen. NOT him being stolen/stealing someone else's. That's Netori. Netorare is the exact opposite of netori. It's pretty much the difference between punching someone in the face and getting punched in the face. So don't confuse them. A Palco one I did from Uke Vol. 1 earlier was netori. The guy was seduced by the trap and ended up fucking them instead of his girlfriend. That, I have no problem doing. Now, for the big question. What about real netorare? Will I translate it?

The answer is almost always "no." Now, I'm going to explain this again because apparently some people didn't get it. I do NOT have a problem with NTR in theory. However, I DO have a problem with how poorly written almost all NTR is. In most porn (especially fetish porn), story doesn't matter all that much. If you've got a fetish for traps, smell, scat, monster girl, loli, femdom, futa, BDSM, whatever, then that's what you wanna see. It's not about story, it's about something physically happening that turns you on. Now, physical fetishes can be enhanced by the story. For example, a lovey-dovey trap story will make a lot of people feel really fulfilled in addition to sexually aroused. But the basic fetish still has to be there. NTR is not a physical fetish. It's a mental one. Take out the story of an NTR book and you've essentially turned it into a vanilla one. You feel jealous with NTR because you care about the characters. You feel a sense of loss because you know it happened and there's nothing you could have done to change it.

Yet so often in these fucking tales, it seems as though the plot was WRITTEN BY A FUCKING 12 YEAR OLD. If the protag could've changed the outcome by doing something, but he just sat around fucking whining and moping like a little bitch, why would I feel sorry for him? If the girl is being blackmailed using evidence that can be destroyed with a simple smash of fragile electronics, why should I feel that she's important to me? Anyone that fucking dumb in real life is hard to empathize with. If you're one of those people that really don't care about the massive, galaxy-sized hole in the plot, then why even bother with a translation? Just go read the raws and imagine.

tl;dr It's possible I'll do trap NTR some day, but only after some good stuff is actually written. So try not to recommend it to me, because it's probably not gonna happen.

You're quite welcome. I get a lot of these and I can't respond to all or even most of them. It would take too long. But just know that I do enjoy getting these comments and I do notice them when I get them. So you're welcome.

Alright, enough of that. I think half of it was a rant about NTR anyway. On a less angry note, Chin Dere is coming along pretty well. I'm a little over halfway done, so expect it some time later this week. Here's a sneak peak. Until then.